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Tapestries August 10, 2015 13:37

This is the time of year for tapestries! New apartments, new dorm rooms, new bedrooms-they are a great way to decorate! Tapestries come in all styles- traditional prints, modern prints and even psychedelic prints. Many are 3D to give it that dimensional look when using the 3D glasses. Some are even glow in the dark. Many of our tapestries come with corner loops to prolong the life of the tapestry when hanging on the wall or ceiling. Music licenses from such bands as the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin and Sublime often make up the designs. 

Some tapestries can also be very eloquent, lending themselves to a more sophisticated decor. Beautiful handcrafted designs with embroidery, sequins and gold and silver thread. I have one that I use as runner on my dining room table that looks great! Give your home a bohemian flare with any of the traditional India prints.

Tapestries can be used many ways. The most common use is as a wall hanging. Their large size makes it an economical way to cover a wall. Bed covers are also a great use! Other uses include beach blankets, ceiling hangings, furniture covers, curtains and table cloths. Be creative-they can even be used in halloween costumes!

When choosing a tapestry be aware of the size if buying for a particular spot or use. Most come in full size-which would fit a full size bed as cover or twin size -fitting a twin bed. Some designs can be hung lengthwise or widthwise, however, sometimes the design only lends itself to one way of hanging. New mini tapestries have just come out. They are a great way to add a splash of color or design to windows, tables, couches and walls. These tapestries come in at about 30" X 45" making them very easy to place!  Look for these soon on our website,

Festival Season June 27, 2015 13:50

Summer is finally kicking in! Festival season is upon us and right here in the Pocono's we have some great music acts coming in!  Recently Moe was at the Sherman Theater on Main St Stroudsburg. Always a great and fun act to see! Coming to Mt.Airy over the next few weeks will be Yonder Mt. String Band, John Butler Trio and Sublime. All should be great shows. Our ladies festival clothing has been flying out!  The maxi patch skirt has sold out and the tie dye short skirts with the pouch have been selling fast. My favorite -the striped/lace loose fit tank-looks great on! Long enough to wear with leggings and non-clingy!

And if you are in the area for any of these great shows-remember we also have the coolest hookah lounge right up from the Sherman Theater on Main St.  Our organic teas are the best and our HEMP pizza is awesome! The atmosphere is relaxing and our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Check us out on Facebook-Rockn Willys Tea and Hookah Lounge!

First Post June 05, 2015 16:25

Finally got the website up and running! I will be adding new products as they come into the store and will keep the inventory as up to date as I can!  I currently have more Grateful Dead tees coming in, as well as tie dye-tanks and tees and of course more women's clothing! The women's clothing has been a great seller this month-great styles for the upcoming festival season. I particularly like the skirts with the attached utility belt as its great to have your phone and other essentials with you at show and not have to worry about carrying them! I will also be posting the utility belts as a separate item-offered in plain and tie dye patch fabrics-a must have this season!